Available Pigs

We have babies available most months of the year. Please contact us to reserve your piglets. It is our goal to produce a piglet that, with proper care, will be to market weight in 150-180 days from birth. If you are looking for a roaster or market animal, let us know and we will be happy to custom raise it to your needs. Taste the difference of local lean grain fed pork - you won't find that in any grocery store!



Pigs for Sale

Are you looking for a project animal for the fair or just to raise your own meat? We have a piglet for you! If that's just not your cup of tea, then let us raise it for you. Tell us what size you are looking for and we can custom raise it for you.


Breeding Stock

We have selected females capable of producing heavy muscled, fast growing animals. We currently have Duroc, Large White, Landrace and Berkshire sows and have a Berkshire boar on the premises. We also use artifical insemination to bring new genetics from top boars in the country.

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Feed Program

The pigs are fed a custom diet made on the farm using Non GMO pea's and barley.  We do not use hormones, antibiotics or steroids in our fed. All animals are regularly de-wormed and vaccinated to ensure strong healthy animals.