Scottish Highland Cattle

People always ask me why I raise such funny looking cows. There are several answers but the first is that I love the way they look. It was their look that made me want to own them in the beginning. After getting a few and learning more about them they sold themselves as the best cows for me and what I was trying to accomplish.

Considered one of the oldest breeds the highlands are a user friendly hearty animal that with time makes some of the leanest natural meats available. 



As a Meat Animal

Their natural insulation keeps them warm in the winter and cool in the summer, they are slower growing than standard beef breeds and smaller in structure but it is these two things that make them a better beef animal. By taking longer to mature they make better use of their feed building muscle and not fat, the muscle they put on is marbled as the animal reaches maturity 2 yrs for bulls and up to 3 years for heifers. The benefits are seen when you take your meat home the yield from hanging weight can be as high as 20% greater than other breeds with an average of 65-70% compared to 50-60 %.

The natural leanness means that the carcass must be hung for 10 to 21 days in order to bring out the natural flavor of the meat and increase tenderness. Best compared to Buffalo for its color and texture. 


As a pet or breeding stock

Longevity and ease are two of the highlands greatest attributes. Calves average 40 to 60 lbs making calving easy for even first time moms. Cows calving into their late teens and early twenties make them a benefit. They are naturally curious and have wonderful temperaments. The fuzzy calves are a joy to watch from the time they hit the ground.

Whether you're looking for meat or breeding animal we have what you are looking for.