What is a HAIR sheep?

Nice goats, is the most given comment by visitor to the farm. Of course my response is those are sheep. Hair sheep yes I said hair sheep are real and they are the perfect animal for lamb production. They have many valuable characteristics that the traditional wool sheep don't. The biggest difference is that they shed their hair each spring much like a dog. It is considered an unusable fiber - too short and coarse to be spun. It makes great compost and yard litter. 


why hair sheep?

St. Croix and Katahdin are medium frame animals making lighter carcass with the same amount of meat. This is an advantage to you: more meat, less bone, better yield. With no wool, hair sheep have less or no lanolin which makes the meat milder in flavor. It is the lanolin that creates the mutton taste. Other advantages to hair sheep are that they are resistant to parasites and foot rot. They also are able to breed twice a year, producing twins as the norm.


Watch those Flowers!

They are great browsers as well as grazers, so please protect your valuable shrubs and flowers. We learned this from experience! 

If you are looking for an easy to care for lamb animal or just looking for the finished product, please contact us for more information or feel free to visit the farm and see them for yourself.